Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum
  • Working Group 1

    Democracy, Human Rights, Good Governance & Stability   

  • Working Group 2

    Economic Integration and Convergence with EU legislation   

  • Working Group 3

    Environment, Climate Change & Energy Security   

  • Working Group 4

    Contacts Between People   

  • Working Group 5

    Social & Labour Policies and Social Dialogue   

Working Group 1

An opportunity for the partner countries to integrate with the European Union by developing stable democratic structures and stronger participation of civil society

Working Group 2

Promotes regional economic integration and opening negotiations on the deep and comprehensive free trade areas between the EU and the Eastern partner countries

Working Group 3

Focused around the themes of energy security and climate change; environment, biodiversity & agriculture and education of sustainable development

Working Group 4

Activities of this group centre on visa facilitation, educational exchange, information dissemination and youth participation

Working Group 5

Promotes sustainable social dialogue in the Eastern Partnership region and focuses on the issues of labour migration, multi-national enterprises and informal employment

Annual Assembly of Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum - Tbilisi 2014

The list of selected participants to the EaP Civil Society Forum in Tbilisi will be announced beginning of August and official letters of invitation will be sent out end of August (updated). 

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Report of the Steering Committee meeting, 29-30 June 2014, Berlin, Germany

17 July 2014

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